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How to use FrontBots

Use Cases

Generate More Leads With A ChatBot

Convert more website visitors to customers by responding automatically.

Visitors are much more likely to respond when engaged by a friendly ChatBot.

With zero effort, you can start converting your visitors to qualified leads.

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A Simple and Easy Net Promoter Score Bot.

The most effective way to engage and learn from customers

Using an in-app chat-bot results in higher response rates, ctionable customer feedback, predictive insights and maximum organic growth.

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Easy Collect Visitor Feedback

Collecting feedback from your visitors it's not an easy task. Most visitors leave your site without buying for no apparent reason.

Engage with your visitors with a friendly ChatBot to collect feedback and increase the chances of them buying your product.

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Throw Away Old Boring Contact Forms

Traditional contact forms are tedious and boring.

Most visitors will not bother filling them.

Engage with your visitors with a friendly ChatBot to increase the percentage of visitors contacting you.

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Collect More Subscribers Using A ChatBot

Traditional popups are starting to become obsolete due to
the rise of ChatBots.

ChatBots increase by 36% then chances of a visitor
subscribing to your email list.

Engage with your visitors with a friendly ChatBot
to boost your email list growth.

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An e-commerce Assistant Helps Increase Sales

Most visitors are just one question away from buying your product.

Having a pre-programed ChatBot answering the most common questions will help you increase the chances of those visitors buying your product rather than going back to Amazon.

Engage with your visitors with a friendly ChatBot to boost your sales.

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Where to use FrontBots

Place the ChatBots anywhere

You can choose to display the ChatBots the way you prefer.

Chat Widget

An icon shows on your website and displays a chat window. Interact with visitors without interrupting them.

Customizable Pop-up

A ChatBot pop-up that displays after a few seconds of the user visiting the site. You can also configure exit pop-ups.


A link that you can share on Twitter, Facebook and other social network. Good way to collect data on social networks.


Easily Integrate With Your Favorite Software

Easily connect with your favorite apps with our 30-second one-click integration.

Visitor interactions with bots on your website increase lead conversion by up to 36%

Pricing Plans

Simple adaptable pricing


$ 0/mo Best to start with bots Get Started
  • Unlimited number of bots
  • 30 Responses per month
  • 30 Days of data Storage


$ 19/mo For growing startups Get Started
  • Unlimited number of bots
  • 300 Responses per month
  • Unlimited storage
  • External Integrations


$ 49/mo For advanced campaigns Get Started
  • Unlimited number of bots
  • 3000 Responses per month
  • Unlimited storage
  • External Integrations
  • Remove FrontBots branding
  • Target by Location
  • A/B Testing